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Rainbow Wholecloth Quilt

My friend (and previous collaborator!) Dustin came to me with the idea of a rainbow striped quilt, somewhat inspired by the classic Pendleton wool blankets and their stripe pattern with lots of negative space. They were looking for something vegan and overall a little kinder to the planet. Inspired by other artists (including Grace Rother's 'Marriage Quilt') and other people's lucky thrift store finds, we hunted down one of the highly coveted Wabasso rainbow vintage flat sheets on Etsy. It was then meticulously shaved with a disposable razor to remove years of pilling and revealed the softest, cuddliest fabric imaginable.

A little magic and a lot of thread later, this is the finished quilt- nice and wrinkly from being used in my studio before it gets delivered ;-)

Finished size: just over 60" square

Vintage twin sheet top, light to medium weight cotton denim backing.

Machine quilted and hand tied. Binding machine bound on the front and hand stitched on the back. Cotton/poly blend batting for the ultimate vintage-inspired loft.

A 70's dream come to life.

Completed December 2019.

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